Company News, Announcements and Conference Presentations  

August 2017:  Texas LNG was mentioned in a Bloomberg article about the benefits of smaller scale LNG export projects, and how this may be the winning strategy in the current market. The topic was covered by other outlets, including Washington PostLNG Industry, World Oil, Rigzone, and others.

July 2017:  Texas LNG was interviewed by GASTECH Insights on the role the US LNG can play in a developing market such as Indonesia. Click here to read this interview. Texas LNG also presented at the GAS Indonesia Summit. The presentation, entitled 'Where is Indonesia going to get its gas to power its electricity ambitions?' can be downloaded by clicking here.

June 2017:  Texas LNG presented at LNG-Global Congress - Houston conference. Copy of presentation about Emerging Market Demand can be downloaded here. The event was covered by various news media with quotes from Texas LNG. Click here to read an article about the conference.

March 2017:  Texas LNG issued a press release to announce that Samsung Engineering and KBR will design and build the LNG export facility. 

  • Samsung Engineering and KBR will provide Texas LNG with pre-Final Investment Decision (“pre-FID”) Detailed Engineering and post-Final Investment Decision (“post-FID”) Engineering, Procurement & Construction (“EPC”) 
  • Pre-FID Detailed Engineering, expected to begin this year, will include further design and schedule optimization, identification of long lead items and early works commitments, early preparation of purchase orders, and all due diligence in relation to technical commercial and contractual matters that will enable Samsung Engineering and KBR to execute a lump sum turnkey (“LSTK”) EPC contract for the Texas LNG plant. 
  • Samsung Engineering is one of the world’s leading engineering, procurement, construction and project management (EPC & PM) companies, employing 17,000 people worldwide and delivering over 1,000 projects around the globe for over 40 years since foundation in 1970. 
  • KBR, Inc. is a global technology, engineering, procurement and construction company serving the hydrocarbons and government services industries, employing over 22,000 people worldwide with customers in more than 80 countries and operations in 40 countries. A leader and early innovator in the LNG industry, KBR has managed and developed about one third of the world's LNG capacity. 

The Press Release can be viewed hereSubsequent articles published in LNG Industry, RigzoneUpstreamOnline, LNG WorldNatural Gas World, Rigzone, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Energy Business, and others.

January 2017:  Texas LNG issued a press release to announce the execution of term sheets exceeding 3 MTA with Asian LNG buyers. 

  • Four 20-year Term Sheets signed with state-owned and private LNG buyers in South East Asia and China for a volume of 3.1 million tonnes per annum (“MTA”).
  • Negotiations for definitive Liquefaction Tolling Agreements (“LTA”) and Sale Purchase Agreements (“SPA”) are ongoing.
  • Phase 1 capacity oversubscribed; Texas LNG now marketing Phase 2 volumes.
  • Final Investment Decision (“FID”) expected in 2018 and first LNG shipments in 2021-2022, in line with projected global market requirements.

The Press Release can be viewed hereSubsequent articles published in Australian Financial ReviewNatural Gas Intelligence, World Gas IntelligenceArgus Media, LNG Industry, Platts Gas DailyLNG World News, UpstreamOnline, Natural Gas WorldLNG Journal, San Antonio Business JournalEuropetrole, and others.

In addition, Credit Suisse issued a 'note' on Texas LNG. The publication can be downloaded by clicking here

September - December 2016: Texas LNG presented at a number of global LNG conferences, including LNG GC in London and GAS Asia in Singapore. Texas LNG was also interviewed in an article in World Gas Intelligence.

August 2016: Texas LNG published and distributed a Texas LNG Fact Book to explain the benefits of the Project to the community and the global environment. Please click here to download the booklet.

June 2016: Texas LNG received endorsement from Senator John Cornyn of Texas. This significant endorsement was covered by a number of media, including San Antonio Business Journal.

Texas LNG also received endorsement from Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Articles regarding this were in the Brownsville Herald,  Valley Morning Star and The Monitor, and others. 

May 2016: Texas LNG presented at ARGUS Australia and Global LNG Markets conference in Brisbane, Australia.  The presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.  To watch the presentation with audio, please click here or on image below:

Texas LNG was interviewed by World Gas Intelligence. The full article can be downloaded here.

March 2016:  Texas LNG issued a press release to announce the filing of FERC application, achieving a key milestone in the regulatory process. 

  • Texas LNG files formal application with the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) and is assigned filing docket number CP16-116-000.
  • Texas LNG joins a select group of eight LNG export projects currently engaged in the formal FERC filing process, of which only three others are greenfield projects similar to Texas LNG.
  • Represents significant step towards achieving a Final Investment Decision (“FID”) in 2017 and first LNG shipments in 2020.

The Press Release can be viewed here. FERC Filing documents and Resource Reports can be downloaded from FERC site (click here).  This news was covered by LNG Industry, Brownsville Herald,  SNL Financial, LNG World News, Upstream, LNG Journal, Street Insider, Yahoo Finance, Downstream Business,  Houston Business Journal,  San Antonio Business Journal,  Natural Gas Intelligence, and others.

Subsequently, FERC issued is Formal Notice of Application. This notice can be downloaded from the FERC website by clicking here (note: this is a word document)

Texas LNG was the featured Cover Story in LNG Industry Magazine. The article can be read online here.  To download the article, please click here.

Texas LNG presented at LNG-Global Congress (Singapore) and participated in a panel discussion at ARGUS Latin America LNG conference (Brazil).  The Singapore presentation can be downloaded here. 

Texas LNG was highlighted in Hydrocarbons and quoted in Alaska Business Monthly (click on publication names to read articles).

On March 5, 2016, the Port of Brownsville in partnership with the 2016 Challenge—an initiative by the City of Brownsville and the University of Texas School of Public Health, Brownsville Regional Campus to promote a healthy lifestyle—hosted a 5K Run & 1M Walk.  The event was free and open to the public.  In support of this community event, Texas LNG donated water, fruit, and energy bars.  Texas LNG staff was present at the event to help distribute the refreshments to all participants.  The 5K Run & 1M Walk was a huge success as more than 300 runners and walkers completed the course, which took participants through the Port of Brownsville. Pictures of the event can be seen here.

February 2016: Texas LNG and the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) selected Samantha Montoya, 12th Grade student at Lopez Early College High School as STEM Student of the Month. The Program recognizes an outstanding BISD student each month who has excelled in science, technology, engineering or math. See announcement in Brownsville Herald

January 2016: Texas LNG and the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) launch the STEM Student of the Month to recognize an outstanding BISD student each month who has excelled in science, technology, engineering or math. On January 22, 2016, Texas LNG Founder and COO, Langtry Meyer visited Hanna High School to recognize Brandon Campos’ selection as Texas LNG’s STEM student of the Month.  See announcement in Brownsville Herald and El Nuevo Heraldo.

Mr. Meyer visited with Mr. Daughters’ class about the global liquefied natural gas market, the advanced engineering required to construct the Texas LNG facility, and Mr. Meyer’s college experience as a student athlete at Stanford University.  To recognize Brandon’s accomplishments, Mr. Meyer hosted a pizza party for Brandon’s entire class.  

December 2015: Honeywell issued a press release announcing its selection by Texas LNG. The release can be read here.

November 2015: Texas LNG issued a press release to announce the submission of all thirteen draft Resource Reports to the FERC and the forging of a technology alliance Agreement With Honeywell. 

  • Texas LNG achieves a major development milestone – all thirteen draft Resource Reports have been submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) as Texas LNG prepares its formal application to site, construct, and operate its proposed two-phase 4 million metric tonnes per annum (“MTA”) LNG export facility in Brownsville, Texas.
  • Engineering efforts progress as Texas LNG executes Master Framework Alliance Agreement with Honeywell to provide advanced gas pretreatment and automation & controls solutions.
  • First LNG shipments remain on schedule for 2020.

The Press Release can be viewed here. Subsequent articles & interviews appeared in CNBCLNG Global, Oil & Gas 360, LNG Industry, Yahoo Finance  and others.

LNG Industry published an editorial written by CEO of Texas LNG entitled "US LNG exports: Is the threat to Australian projects real ?" Please click here to read the article.

October 2015: Texas LNG completed the milestone FERC resource report #13, Engineering. The report can be downloaded from the FERC site here.

Texas LNG was interviewed by Natural Gas Daily / Interfax (London, UK), SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference (Indonesia)  and US to Mexico Natural Gas Exports Congress 2015 (Houston, Texas) (Click on conference name to download the presentations).

September 2015:Texas LNG presented at LNG Global Congress (LNG-GC) in London, UK.  The presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.  To watch the London presentation live please click here or on image below:

August 2015: Texas LNG issued a press release to announce appointment of BNP Paribas as Financial Adviser for Brownsville LNG Project, progress on FERC pre-Filing process, and completion of over 60% of Front End Engineering & Design for facility. 

  • BNP Paribas will assist Texas LNG in the raising of equity and debt financing for the capital requirements of the Project. 
  • In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”) pre-filing process, Texas LNG received the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) and participated in FERC’s Public Scoping Meeting in Port Isabel, South Texas.
  • Front End Engineering & Design (“FEED”) progressing on schedule
  • Phase 1 LNG shipments remain on target to commence in 2020.

 The Press Release can be viewed here. Subsequent articles & interviews appeared in Bloomberg, LNG Industry, LNG Global, Splash 24/7, and others.

Texas LNG participated at the South East Asia Australia Oil Convention (SEAAOC) in Darwin, Australia. The presentation can be downloaded here

July 2015: Texas LNG efforts regarding community relations were covered by the Port Isable / South Padre Press. Click here to read online article, and here to download the print edition.  Texas LNG was also highlighted in an article about Smaller LNG projects by SNL Financial. Click here to read the article.

June 2015: Texas LNG issued a press release to announce progress in regulatory process and FEED engineering incorporating Air Products liquefaction technologies and UOP Gas pretreatment process units.

  • In accordance with the FERC NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Pre-filing process, Texas LNG submitted Resource Reports #1 and #10, and held community Open House meetings in Brownsville and Port Isabel, South Texas. 
  • Front End Engineering & Design (“FEED”) progressing on schedule, incorporating proven Air Products C3MR LNG process and UOP gas pre-treatment process units. Over 77,000 cumulative man-hours since mid-2014.
  • First LNG shipments from Phase 1 remain on schedule for 2020. 

The Press Release can be viewed here.  Subsequent articles appeared in Gaslog, Yahoo, and others.

Also in June 2012, Texas LNG's business model was highlighted in the Australian Financial Review. The first article,"LNG upstarts throw out rule book to disrupt sector" appeared in June 4th 2015 (Click here to read) and the second article, "Doubts rise about Australia's next LNG boom" was published on June 5th 2015 (Click here to read)

Texas LNG was highlighted in Upstream newspaper special edition for the World Gas Congress. The full page article (page 3) can be read by clicking here

May 2015: Texas LNG held community Open House meetings in Brownsville and Port Isabel. These events were attended by over 300 guests (over both events) and articles about the meetings were published in Brownsville Herald newspaper and other local media. Letters to the Editor in support of LNG development were also published

Click here to download the article published on May 6 2015, and click here to download a Letter to the Editor from the same issue.

Click here to read an article published in the Port Isabel South Padre Press on May 8th 2015.

You can see short video taken at the event by clicking here. You can see a short slide show of pictures taken at the event by clicking here. To download materials distributed and shown by Texas LNG at the Open House events, click here.

Texas LNG participated in the India LNG Congress held in New Delhi, India on May 12/13th. The presentation shown can be downloaded here.  

Texas LNG was selected to present a paper entitled "The Relative Attractiveness of US LNG exports –Is the threat to Australian projects real?" at the APPEA Conference in Melbourne, Australia.  Copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.

On May 15 2015, Texas LNG was interviewed by ARGUS LNG Daily regarding the concept of offering, via tolling agreement, fixed LNG prices. This revolutionary concept was discussed in the article which can be viewed by clicking here.

March 2015: Texas LNG files with FERC to commence Pre-fling process for Brownsville LNG project and expands Project site to 625 acres.    

  • Texas LNG Texas LNG files with FERC to commence Pre-fling process for Brownsville LNG project and expands Project site to 625 acres. The Project was assigned FERC docket No. PF15-14 and the FERC submission can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • Texas LNG has amended its agreement with the Port of Brownsville to upgrade its site to a 625-acre location closer to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Front End Engineering & Design (“FEED”) progressing on schedule.   
  • First LNG shipments from Phase 1 expected in 2020. 

The press release can be read by clicking here.   

Related articles were published in  Reuters, Morningstar, Boston Globe,  LNG Global, Oil & Gas 360, LNG Industry, Yahoo finance, Law360, and others.

The Brownsville Herald newspaper analysed the potential of LNG in the region in an article published on March 13 2015. Click here to read the article. 

Local TV stations, KVEO and KRGV, interviewed Texas LNG. Click here to watch the interview video clips from channel KVEO and channel KRGV . 

On March 15 2015, Bloomberg Business interviewed Texas LNG to discuss LNG markets in Europe and elsewhere. Click here to read the article.

February 2015:  Texas LNG was invited to present at the LNG-GC conference in Singapore. The presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

On February 27 2015, Texas LNG was mentioned in Reuters article about Eastern European LNG markets. A similar article appeared in International Business Times.

January 2015:  Texas LNG was highlighted in Hart's Oil and Gas Investor magazine's January 2015 issue.  The article can be downloaded here.

December 2014: Texas LNG Receives Equity Investment from Third Point LLC and Initiates FEED for Brownsville LNG Project 

  • Texas LNG has secured funding for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) application process for a 2 MTA LNG export facility in Brownsville, Texas from Third Point, a New York based investment fund.
  • Samsung Engineering has commenced Front End Engineering Design (“FEED”) and been granted an equity interest in the Project.
  • Texas LNG expected to begin FERC pre-filing process in early 2015.  
  • First LNG shipments planned for 2019. 

The official press release can be viewed by clicking here.  The press release can also be viewed on NASDAQ GlobalNewsWire December 4 2014.  Articles related to this announcement were published in the Brownsville Herald (Scanned Copy of newspaper here)LNG Industry, Marketwatch, LNG Globaland others.  Interview articles were printed in Oil Daily and ICIS Heran

Also in December 2014, Braemar Engineering was designated as Owners Engineer by Texas LNG. This was announced by Braemar Engineering and reported in various new media, including Marine Technology News and Hellenic Shipping News.

November 2014: Samsung Engineering announces Letter of Award for FEED engineering for Texas LNG. This event was reported by a number of Korean media sources. Click here and here to see the articles in Korean. 

On November 19 2014, Texas LNG presented at Hart's North American LNG exports conference in Houston. The presentation highlighted the advantages of Gulf Coast LNG project and can be downloaded here.

October 2014: Samsung Engineering and Texas LNG announces intention to proceed to FEED engineering, subject to Board Approval.  Please Click Here to see the Texas LNG announcement.  

The Samsung Engineering announcement mentioned the merger with Samsung Heavy and their joint involvement in the Texas LNG project. The announcement was covered by Bloomberg, Korea Herald newspaper, Korea Yonhap newsLNG Industry, Hellenic Shipping News, Businessweek, and others.

August 2014:Texas LNG presented at LNG World in Singapore and FLNG Conference in Korea.  To watch the Singapore presentation with audio (recorded later) uploaded on YouTube, please click here or on image below:

June 2014: Texas LNG receives DOE approval to export LNG to Free Trade Agreement countries, forges strategic & engineering alliance with Samsung to develop Brownsville LNG export project and signs Feed Gas Supply Cooperation Agreement.   

  • Texas LNG receives approval to export up to 2 million tonnes per year (“MTA”) of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) to Free Trade Agreement (“FTA”) countries.
  • Samsung Engineering to provide engineering and technical design studies, support FERC application process, and become a minority equity interest owner in the Texas LNG project. 
  • Texas LNG signs Feed Gas Supply Cooperation Agreement with major gas marketing company. 
  • First LNG shipments on track for late 2018.

The official press release can be viewed by clicking here.  The press release can also be viewed on NASDAQ GlobalNewsWire June 12 2014.

Subsequent articles appeared in Australian Financial Review, CNBC, Wall Street Journal / MarketwatchUpstream Online, Houston Business JournalLNG Industry, LNG World NewsMarine Link, Natural Gas Intelligence, LNG Global, Hydrocarbon Technology, Brownsville Herald, Argus, and others.  There were also articles in the Korean press, including etoday

March 2014: Texas LNG, in cooperation with the Brownsville Economic Development Council, hosted an informative seminar on natural gas & LNG, and the benefits of the Texas LNG project to the Brownsville and Rio Grande Valley region. Seminar was attended by community leaders, authorities, education institutions, development advocates, local businesses, and other stakeholders. This seminar was covered by an article in thBrownsville Herald newspaper on April 1 2014.

February 2014: Texas LNG begins its community outreach program visiting Brownsville, Texas and meeting with town Mayor, US Congressman's office, Port Authorities, Utility company and other stakeholders.  This visit was covered by an article in the Brownsville Herald newspaper on February 21 2014.

January  2014: Texas LNG announces that it has filed an application to the United States Department of Energy (DOE) seeking authorization to export up to 2 MTA of LNG to FTA (Free Trade Agreement) and non-FTA markets.  

Texas LNG Press release on NASDAQ GlobalNewsWire. January 7 2014

Subsequent articles appeared in CNBCBloombergUpstreamOnline, Wall Street Journal - MarketWatch, PennEnergyOil &Gas Financial Journal, Business SpectatorOilVoice, LNG World News, LNG GlobalMarineLink, MENAFN, Yahoo Finance, Project Finance Magazine, National Gas Intelligence (NGI), LNG Law Blog, and others.  

Feature Story on the project was run on the front page of the Australian Financial Review on January 9 2014. A follow up article was published on January 10th 2014. The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and the Australian Financial Review referred to Texas LNG's views in a further articles on January 13th 2014

Texas LNG was interviewed by Energy Intelligence - International Oil Daily on January 9 2014 and by the Houston Business Journal on January 9 2014. Website 2b1stConsulting posted an article comparing Texas LNG concept to Snovit, Norway on January 15 2014. LNG Journal ran a long article on the Texas LNG project and the Port of Brownsville on January 14 2014. LNG Shipping News ran an article about the capital raising requirements of Texas LNG on January 23 2014. Upstream newspaper published an article highlighting Texas LNG's target LNG markets on January 31 2014.

December  2013: Texas LNG secures site in Port of Brownsville, Texas, and submits application to export up to 2 MTA to FTA and non-FTA markets: DOE application will be uploaded to this site by mid-January 2014.

September 2013: Energy News Bulletin interview with Vivek Chandra, CEO of Texas LNG, on the relative attractiveness of US versus Australian LNG projects.

June 2013: Vivek Chandra interview on ResourcesPNG (Papua New Guinea) TV show discussing Asian LNG markets and the future role of projects such as Texas LNG. (see below)

View Texas LNG project Fact Sheet here : 

View Texas LNG latest presentation here :